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General Weapon Information

Airsoft players enjoy a huge variety of modern replicas from which to choose. Just take a look at Den Trinity to view literally hundreds of airsoft rifles, pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and other devices for sale. The variety is staggering, and increasing every day. The WWII enthusiast doesn't have quite the selection, but a number of good airsoft weapons exist and more are being added every year. Some are priced as low as $200, while others will run over $1000. The M1A1 Thompson by Tokyo Marui is probably the easiest to find and also the most affordable. It's a very good, mostly metal replica that can be found for as little as $245. Unfortunately, the most common US infantry weapon of WWII, the M1 Garand, is still MIA. This has become "the Holy Grail" among WWII Airsoft enthusiasts. There is an announced intention from Smokey's Gunworks of Japan to produce this rifle, but its introduction remains to be seen.

Information on the weapons mentioned above and all other can be found on their respective pages by selecting the links below.

Other places for information

The message boards are a great place to find out if something is available. Chances are someone has already looked for what you are interested in and can provide advice on where to find it. Another excellent resource is Arnie's Airsoft. This is a UK based Blog devoted to airsoft. Probably the best place on the net to the latest scoop on airsoft gear. Also some very good reviews are posted on this site. Finally, go straight to the vendors. If you don't see what you want, drop them an email, most respond fairly quickly and are eager to gain new customers.

Allied Weapons

M1A1 Thompson
M1 Garand
M3 Grease Gun
M1 Carbine
M1918A2 BAR
Sten Gun
Enfield Rifle

Axis Weapons

MP 40 Schmieser
MP 44 Sturmgehrwer
98K Mauser
MG 34
MG 42
P08 Lugar
P38 Walther
PPK Walther