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Skirmish Conduct and Administration

General Overview

To define how a day of WWII Airsoft will breakdown, we will follow these terms:

Skirmish = A full day, or several consecutive days of WWII Airsoft play. A Skirmish will have one or more Scenarios.

Scenario = A cohesive narrative involving both Axis and Allies pitched in battle.

Mission = A military objective that will accomplish a particular goal as related in the Scenario. There may be several Missions in one Scenario.

Skirmishes will normally be conducted on weekends. Arrival time will vary but generally be around 9 a.m. The first hour to two hours will be filled with gearing up, chrono of every weapon being brought on the field, safety and scenario/mission briefs by the OCs/Game Administrators. Play should begin around 10:30 or so. Lunch breaks will normally not be taken, but incorporated into a break in the action. Play will continue to around 5 p.m. during one day events, but may be longer. Multiple day events will be planned and overnight action is a possibility.

Team, Unit Composition, and Missions

A Team is defined as one side of two opposing forces i.e. the Allies. There may be several Units per a team. Depending on the category of the game and the composition of the players, a team may include 82d ABN, 101st ABN, and 2d Rangers all working toward the same goal in the scenario, though they may be assigned different missions, i.e. 2d Rangers tasked to recon and take out the opposing forces HQ while the 82d drops in from behind to take care of any artillery support, and the 101st may engage the front line unit. Unlike traditional Airsoft, Team structure for a given Skirmish is set in stone. You obviously can't have a 2d Panzer and 101st ABN troop fighting on the same side.

Green and above Skirmishes (see below) will have cohesive scenarios drawn from historical events. These scenarios will always involve realistic missions with realistic objective. Capture the Flag games will not occur, though Blue Skirmishes may involve any type of game rules, Green and above will attempt to capture as much realism as possible. The WW2AA is open to any member creating these scenarios, just email and coordinate with the council.

Regeneration, the ability of a player to tag back into the game after being killed will be dependent on the scenario and number of players in the skirmish. The trade off in realism is that if a limited number of players are involved in a game, the act of regeneration effectively simulates the addition of reinforcements to the line.

Skirmish Planning

A Skirmish must be planned through the WW2AA approved by the CAA. The WW2AA will post Skirmish dates on the Home Page and in the Forum once that is established. Players will register their intent to play on the Forum. If a member wishes to develop a Scenario or OC the Skirmish, that is fine, but prior coordination with WW2AA Council is required. Skirmishes will normally be posted at least a few weeks in advance, but may be spur of the moment depending on member's schedules and desire to play.

Skirmish Classifications

In order to facilitate ease in communication and clarity in Skirmish Style, the WW2AA classifies Skirmishes into these categories:

Blue - Completely mixed game. Anyone is invited to participate regardless of uniform or weapon (modern or WWII). These are designed as informational meets to get re-enactors and airsofters in the game together. WW2AA members are by requirement CAA members and as such may attend any CAA event in their WWII Impression or not.

Green - WWII Impression required. Modern weapon may be used. Complete kit authenticity not enforced. Mixed units allowed within same alignment (always Allies vs Axis).

Yellow - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is not enforced. Mixed units allowed within same alignment.

Amber - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is not enforced. Unit integrity is required; i.e. squads or larger must be of same historical unit affiliation. Individuals from other services or nationalities may be attached to these core squads.

Red - WWII Impression and weapon required. Complete kit authenticity is enforced. Unit integrity is required. At least one full squad of the same historical unit is required in order to play.

Skirmish Areas

Two primary Skirmish Fields are available for WW2AA play. One in the Rockford area and one in Yorkville. Click on the respective links below or under the menu bar on the left to find out how to get to each.

Rockford Skirmish Area

Yorkville Landfill Skirmish Area - No Directions Yet

The Fight and Safety

While the WW2AA strives to bring authenticity to its skirmishes, the end goal is always the same, to have a safe and fun time in the field. The CAA Safety Regulations are very clear on what is and not allowed on the airsoft field. These are designed for your safety and to maximize your fun by allowing you the freedom of not worrying about getting hurt. Sure, there's always the chance of getting shot in a particularly painful place on your body, but with the adherence to the safety rules spelled out in the CAA Charter, the chance of any injury is brought down to a very minimum.

Airsoft guns are safer than paintball guns. That is a fact. Full face protection is not needed. Safety glasses or goggles that meet ANSI Z87.1 standards are required. These range in price and style from common shop glasses that cost $5 to very expensive Oakleys that run over $400. No matter what the price, if it says ANSI Z87.1, it's all the same as far as safety is concerned. Obviously, if you choose wrap around styled glasses there is less likely hood that a BB will enter through the side, so that part of the construction is worth taking into consideration. As far as the affect these will have on your impression, take a look at Sam wearing some approved glasses in the field. It doesn't muck up the impression too badly, and I guarantee you that when the rounds start flying, the way his safety glasses affect his impression will be last thing on your mind.

You can now purchase some very nice, and nearly invisible, safety glasses directly from this web site. Click HERE to find out more.