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Membership Requirements

The first requirement is a burning desire to participate in a WWII Airsoft Re-Enactment. If you've read this far, this requirement is already fulfilled. The following Membership Requirements are set forth to insure a safety in airsoft play and the advancement of realism in this associations skirmishes.

1. Own or beginning to assemble, or the ability to borrow a WWII Impression. This can be of any nationality but must be recognized as accurate for the period of WWII. You do not have to purchase a complete impression before participating in an event. Partial or incorrect impressions will be allowed following the Skirmish Classifications set out on the Skirmishes Page. As the association matures and its membership acquires full and accurate impression, skirmishes will take place that require complete authenticity. In addition, there is talk of a local Chicago store that is thinking about impression rentals. This will be posted once more information is found.

2. Own or access to a WWII Airsoft Weapon. Again, depending on the Skirmish Classification, this requirement may or may not be enforced. Initially, use of modern styled AEGs will be allowed in order to facilitate play. As the association grows, realism will be enforced. Check the Weapons Page for what is available.

3. Membership in the Chicago Airsoft Association. Under new CAA rules just introduced, "Teams" will now submit members to the CAA rather than the CAA accepting applications on an individual basis. For the purposes of the CAA, the WW2AA will act as a "Team" and submit its members for membership in the CAA.

4. Be of at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, you must have consent of your parents and have them sign the appropriate waiver as set out by the CAA.

What the Membership Brings You

1. Access to all WWII Airsoft Association Events.

2. Access to the Members Only section of the Forum.

3. Free web space to build your own site if you wish to form a WWII Airsoft Re-Enactment Unit.

4. The option to receive email notification of upcoming events.

5. Special association pricing from selected vendors.

How to Apply for Membership

1. Fill out this form and either email or snail mail it back to the association. This will grant you "Guest" status. The form includes two pages for players under the age of 18. If you are older than this, disregard these pages.

2. Participate in a WW2AA Skirmish. Log onto the Forum and register for the next event that you can make. This will give you a chance to meet the other members, and familiarize yourself with Airsoft, if you aren't already a player.

3. Ask for full membership. Once you decide that this is for you, email or call one of the Administrators and ask to become a full member. Once this action is completed, your information will be forwarded to the CAA and you will become a member of the Chicago Airsoft Association which allows you to participate in any CAA Private or Public events on their fields.

Download Membership Form

WWII Airsoft Association

PO Box 2337

Crystal Lake, IL 60039-2337