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About the Association

The WW2AA was formed in the spring of 2003 when it was apparent that both local airsofters and WWII re-enactors were interested in playing WWII themed scenarios using airsoft weapons. Both hobbies have unique things to offer, and when combined, can provide an exhilarating gaming experience that both entertains and educates its participants.

What the Association Offers

The WW2AA offers the following services to its membership:

1. A common clearing-house of information on both re-enactment and airsoft gear.

2. Security in knowing that all those attending a WWII Airsoft event have agreed to abide by the safety rules set forth the CAA Charter.

3. Message boards to discuss the development of WWII Airsoft, it's gear, equipment, and the planning of events.

4. Free web space for those interested in forming WWII Airsoft Teams based on historical units.

5. No membership fee.

What the Association Requires

The WW2AA operates under the authority of the Chicago Airsoft Association (CAA). The CAA was established to insure that the sport of airsoft remain as safe and accessible as possible to all interested in playing in the Northern Illinois area. The CAA's Council is made up of experienced airsoft players who make it their duty to provide a safe and civil environment in which to enjoy our sport. In order to join the WW2AA, you must first join and agree to abide to all the rules set forth in the CAA charter. There is no membership fee to join the CAA

Specific membership requirements are outlined in the Membership Page. The basic requirements are fairly liberal, however, WWII Skirmishes will be organized to varying degrees of realism as outlined in the Skirmishes section of this web site. Some skirmishes will allow a great deal of flexibility in the type of uniform, weapon and kit that you may use, while others will require full realism and attention to detail in your impression and unit composition. But no matter what your interest or equipment status is, everyone who displays an interest in WWII Airsoft will have a chance to play.