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WWII Airsoft

Welcome to the WWII Airsoft Association Web Site. The WW2AA has formed to bring together historical WWII re-enacting and the sport of airsoft.

The WW2AA is based in the Chicago land area but intends to service WWII airsofters from the entire mid-west region.

Whether you are an airsofter curious about the range, depth and realism of re-enacting, como depositar na bitso or a historical re-enactor that wishes to more fully enjoy the tactical realism that airsoft play can bring to your field experience, the WW2AA will fill your needs.

Come on in and take a look at what we have to offer. Check out the Primer Section first if you've never played airsoft or participated in a historical re-enactment.

Web Site Still under Construction

Not All Pages Finished

More Updates Coming Soon

All Information Subject to Change

Thank You For Your Patience

Site Updated 10/11

-Added info on the Walther P38 in the direccion de deposito binance Weapons Section

- CAA has approved the WW2AA to fall under its operational umbrella.

- Added a web shop to purchase reasonably priced safety glasses directly from us.

- Pics of July 6th Game

Events Listing

Informational Meet

September 28th- CAA Orientation (See Forum)


October 12th - Tentative

November 1 & 2 - Overnight